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In 1970, R. F. Bales released a book titled ‘Personality and Interpersonal Behaviour’. It dealt with the communication patterns between a group of people. This has since been used to analyse online communities using what is commonly known as Bales’ Interaction Process Analysis (or IPA). IPA contains 12 different categories which can be used to […]

In the early days of the WWW, nobody wanted to be anonymous. The whole point of Internet based communities was to interact with people who you would not normally meet and share your life experiences. These days, the trend has shifted and many now use the Internet as a way of hiding away from their […]

Anyone who has spent time using message boards or social networking will be fairly familiar with the concept of being misunderstood. We can often try our hardest to put forward a well structured argument, only for another user to turn it around and take it as something totally different. As an administrator of a forum […]

Thank you for stopping by. My name is Peter Willis, a student (and webmaster, but I’ll get to that shortly!) at Leeds Metropolitan University in the final year of a degree studying Web Media Management. As part of my final year I am currently doing a module looking at online communities. When we talk about […]